Patient Reviews.

Here are a few of the many great reviews our patients have left us.

I found happiness with my Physical Therapist


I have had 3 operations within 2 years (2 hip replacements and 1 knee replacement). Dr Goldman (Tri-County Orthopedics) recommended Basking Ridge Physical Therapy. When I went to see Marc Riccardi, I was happy to know that he has helped many patients following joint replacement surgery in his 20 years of experience. My experience with Marc was so comforting and he was so understanding of my discomfort. I was so happy following my first round of rehabilitation I returned after my next 2 surgeries. 


I would recommend him to anyone who needed Physical Therapy. I can now walk without pain or a limp, climb the stairs, and even ride the stationary bike with no problems. 


Thank You Marc… “Big Time”, I couldn’t be happier with my Physical Therapist!

Jane W, January 2021

I have been a patient of Dr. Riccardi since September 2020, following Total Knee Replacement surgery. I like that he is one-on-one with each patient. He was recommended by a friend and it was the best recommendation I could have received. 


The atmosphere in his office is very pleasant, Kathleen (the receptionist) is so friendly and helpful. This was the best decision I could have made. 


I would recommend Basking Ridge Physical Therapy and Marc Riccardi to all of my family and friends. 

Joan P, January 2021